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In addition to these American institutions in the Chinese frontier research experts, involved in the most famous Chinese Borderland Studies East-West Center think tank in the United States, it can be served at the university professors commissioned to complete the appropriate research projects. Headquartered in East-West Center in Hawaii is the U.S. Congress established in 1960, the center funded by the U.S. government, but also accept other private agencies, individuals, foundations and foreign governments. Indiana University scholar Ge Dena · Bonaventure package to get the Carnegie Foundation in 2004 after publication of Autonomy in Xinjiang: Han and Uighur nationalist discontent needs. This Michael Kors Outlet Online paper analyzes the New China was founded in Xinjiang Uighur discontent and ethnic sources of conflict. He believes that the conflict in Xinjiang region has a variety of reasons, the most important reason is the Xinjiang implementation of the regional ethnic autonomy system. For some of the violence occurred in Xinjiang terrorist attacks, but he said that turbulence is neither long-term performance of a culture of violence, nor is it the product of a foreign conspiracy. American Chinese frontier researchers in the United States called the best understanding of Chinese frontier people. They understand the Chinese frontier for the U.S. Michael Kors Outlet government to provide advice as to accept the U.S. Congressional-Executive Commission on China, at the invitation of the U.S. Congress speech. Some scholars have done lecture topics include: March 2008 protests a year later: China to promote stability in Tibet do? , Islamic faith in China today: Uighur and Hui different reality , China s Regional Ethnic Autonomy: it protects the rights of minorities do? , Etc. It is understood that few American scholars and even with the Dalai Lama, Tibetan exiles maintain a close personal relationship, such as the Department of Religious Studies at Columbia University Professor Robert Thurman. Some American and China frontier research scholars sympathetic exiled Tibetans or Uighurs, Michael Kors Sale but also to maintain a number of independent judgment. For example, Indiana University scholar Elliot Shi Bolin although sympathetic exiled Tibetans, but also publicly criticized the Central Tibetan Administration (the so-called Tibetan government in exile ) approach. Indiana University scholar Ge Dena · package Bonaventure has said that although he was not entirely convinced Beijing said, but not entirely convinced the World Uyghur Congress said. How to deal with these American scholars? Many studies Chinese frontier and ethnic problems in China American scholars and academic institutions and scholars have maintained close contacts, such as Harvard University professor Fan Dekang possession, he National Institute of Renmin University of China appointed part-time professor, school students every year to China. Some Chinese scholars believe that although there are many American academic scholars study Chinese frontier, but most are engaged in historical research, and practical problems kept a certain distance. But the domestic one sociologist of anonymity told the Global Times reporter, you can say these scholars very close relationship with the U.S. government, promising U.S. China Strategic Services in the background, and some research projects by the U.S. Endowment for Democracy funding. But he believes that if the United States alone refuted some scholars support the East Turkistan separatists to them personally, too heavy , because in the United States behind China strategy, but also on many issues involving the United States adopted double standards, political bias and so on. He believes that most of these scholars still is the real scholar, but with a certain bias, for example, some will think that China is a communist country, oppression of human rights and so on. Some scholars more serious, but also more neutral, it should not completely push them to go hostile surface, depending on the core of their research what is what is the purpose, should be treated differently, and more cooperation. Professor Xiong Kunxin that you can invite more people to the Chinese scholars and American inspected, fact change their bias. Minzu University who studies Chinese frontier political science scholar, said: It s hard to count them consistent with our ideas, but the two sides still maintain communication among scholars. Xinjiang Academy of Social Sciences scholar said, and Shanghai and other places of national Problem scholars compared to their American scholar exchanges with these relatively less.

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